Fleeting Moments, Friends for Life: Lydia and Jordan

Jordan: I think I always knew I was going to at least reach out and see what happens. It was fun, and I’m pretty extroverted…

Lydia: I definitely knew I was gonna reach out, I wanted to see if my match was going to be as crazy as my friend’s had been.

Jordan: I saw she was in Theta, and I have a lot of friends in Theta, so I texted all of them and was like, “Do you know her? Is she cool?”

Lydia: I was texting my boyfriend the same, and he was like, “Yeah!” We actually met because of my boyfriend.

Jordan: I was so shocked — I didn’t know they were dating! I met her boyfriend through another friend. They were at a party at our apartment and he’d said Lydia was coming over, and I was like, “Oh my god, actually?”

Lydia: He called me and said “your Marriage Pact is here,” and I really wanted to meet him in person!

Jordan: I think we’re both very fun, extroverted, and we’ll do just about anything and everything. I think that’s a harder personality to come across, so when you find someone like that, it’s much easier to click.

Lydia: Yeah, we’re both pretty much down to do anything. I texted Jordan literally two hours before my sorority formal and was like, “So… I need a date…”

Lydia: Jordan is super easy to talk to, and he always texts me back really fast. Like, I always know if something’s going on, I can text him, and I really appreciate that. And the fact that we just, like, clicked really instantly.

Jordan: I like her spontaneity. Like I said, that’s kinda hard to find, so when you find it, you always like talking to that person and having them in on your plans. Other than that, we both share the same morals and have very common beliefs.

Lydia: … I’m gonna say two-

Jordan: I was gonna say a two! I feel like we’re both quick to forgive.

Lydia: Sometimes I’ll hold a grudge but end up like, “It’s not worth it anymore…”

Jordan: I can’t hold a grudge, I’m so bad at it.

Jordan: Oooh… It’s situational… I’d probably go three because… I’d say I’m a very sympathetic person, so I care about emotions…

Lydia: I’d go four. I’d want to protect them from feeling bad, but if they’re gonna find out, I might as well be the one to tell them.

Jordan: Yeah, like I’d spill the tea, but I’m not gonna intentionally hurt them.

Lydia: Leave!

Jordan: I’d rather be left! Are you really leaving at the altar?

Lydia: Being left would be so embarrassing, and if I were to leave, I think people would understand…

Jordan: Yeah, if you have reasons, I can kinda see that. I think I’d be left because I wouldn’t want to leave someone, I’d feel bad… But if it’s not supposed to happen, it’s not supposed to happen.

Lydia: I feel like I’d be so indecisive that I’d just do the ceremony but not sign the legal documents. Like, sorry, we’re not actually married…



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