By Eden Gibson. Graphic by Kelsey Wang.

From overlapping high school schedules, to acceptances into the same college, to a 99th percentile match through the Marriage Pact, fate keeps finding ways to bring best friends Sarah and Jamile together. Now juniors at NYU, the pair have known each other for almost six years, after crossing paths as freshmen at their high school in New Jersey. They tell me the story of how they met, and about the long-lasting stroke of serendipity that’s kept them together all this time.


I didn’t really know anyone at my high school at first…

By Eden Gibson. Graphic by Kelsey Wang.

I spoke to Alex and Avery one August morning, as they huddled together on the floor of Avery’s living room in Boston. The couple have been eager to see each other for a few long weeks — since May, they’ve been splitting their time between here and Alex’s home in Long Island, nearly 200 miles away.


We’ve made it work really well.


Like every two weeks, we’ve been able to see each other.

Both rising sophomores at George Washington University, the pair first met on Bumble, exchanging nothing more than sparse…

By Eden Gibson. Graphic by Jasmine Chan.

On a sprawling college campus with thousands of students, it can be a daunting task to find compatible friends — let alone “the one.” That’s where the Marriage Pact’s tried and true system comes in handy. But best friends Georgia and Tori didn’t need an algorithm to know that they were a match made to last.

Both aspiring performers in the NYU Tisch School of the Arts, the pair met during their freshman year at Playwrights Horizons Theater Studio.


We had a group chat that was literally the entire freshman class. Our…

By Eden Gibson. Graphic by Kelsey Wang.

Fate often works in mysterious ways. Occasionally, a person might pop into our life at an opportune moment. Other times, we might share a season of our lives with someone before drifting apart. But more often than not, the people we end up with are the ones whose paths ran parallel to ours long before crossing.

Both Tufts class of ’22, Leah and Robbie had never officially met before taking the Marriage Pact survey last fall. But they’d come close — more than once.


We had never met each other, but we…

By Tara Parekh. Graphic by Kelsey Wang.

I talked to Anna over the phone one warm day last summer. Right at the start, Anna introduces me to both herself and her boyfriend, who she’s living with. “He’s in the back of the house — I’ll just give you his intro,” she says.

“I’m Anna. I’m gonna be a junior next year. And my boyfriend’s name is Dorian.”

I ask her to tell me the story of how they met, about a year before they took the Marriage Pact.

“We started dating during my gap year. We had met in our…

By Eden Gibson. Graphics by Jasmine Chan.

Ask any married couple, and they’ll tell you that the key to a lasting romantic relationship isn’t always compatibility, but compromise. Even so, are there some differences that just can’t be reconciled?

A few months ago, we explored whether opposing political views can justify calling it quits. (Spoiler: they can). This week, we return to the topic of dealbreakers by investigating another potential source of relationship conflict: substance use.

With a few exceptions, substance use is pretty much ubiquitous across American college campuses. On a given weekend (in normal conditions), you’re bound to…

By Eden Gibson

From dashed summer vacation ideas to months on end devoid of social activity, it’s safe to say that COVID-19 has thrown most of our 2020 plans out of whack. It’s difficult to know when we’ll be able to interact with our friends and family in a normal setting again, let alone maintain a relationship. But against all odds, one couple has managed to find balance and stability over the past year, showing us that romance can not only survive — but thrive — in the midst of chaos.

Both Stanford class of 2022, Kyle and Leilani met…

By Eden Gibson. Data visualization by Mika Isayama.

Anyone who’s grown up in a family with two or more siblings knows that not all children seem to be created equal. Instead, it might look something like this: The ambitious, responsible eldest child who sets the standard, the attention-deprived middle child who flies under the radar, and the coddled “baby” of the family who can do no wrong. And only children are a different breed entirely: mature beyond their years and hungry for the spotlight.

Obviously, these stereotypes aren’t set in stone — things like temperament, family size, gender, and age…

By Eden Gibson. Data visualization by Jasmine Chan.

It’s been nearly a year since COVID-19 reached the US, and it’s safe to say that Americans are growing impatient. With new vaccines on their way, a virus-free 2021 was likely on the top of everyone’s holiday wish list — especially for college students itching for a return to normal campus life for the upcoming semester.

However, while clinical trials have been promising, not everyone is eager to test the waters before the vaccine is distributed nationwide. …

By Tara Parekh

Is revenge a dish best served hot? Let’s find out. Every week, I’ll be bringing you an (anonymous) insider take on one of the Marriage Pact questionnaire’s hottest questions, courtesy of two of our team members. Last week, we took on “Would you rather leave someone at the altar or be left at the altar?” — read that here. This week, let’s take a look at one of the most divisive queries on our questionnaire: “There is a place for revenge when someone has wronged me.” How ominous. Got a specific question you want us to debate…

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